545 Lakeside Drive

545 Lakeside Drive is slightly different than the other buildings.

In December 2005 a contractor started a fire in the building.  While everyone got out safely, all six units suffered fire damage.  The scope of damage allowed the building to be significantly updated during repairs.  These renovations were only possible by executing major work in all the apartments at once, something we could not do with the other buildings.

See pictures of the apartments on the right, and floor plans below.  Click on any floorplan to enlarge it.  You can then shift between the larger floorplans. 

Feel free to download 8.5" x 11" PDFs of each plan for printing, viewing offline or more detail:
  three bedroom   center one bedroom
  two bedroom     end one bedroom

Please note:  all the dimensions and sizes are approximate, and the plans are not to scale.