A Little About Lakewood Hills

Lakewood Hills is the only remaining apartment complex in the City of East Grand Rapids Michigan.  In 1964 and 1965, as the site of the old Ramona Park and Ramona Theater Pavilion was heading towards development, Ned Lambrecht leased a section of the property to create Lakewood Hills Apartments.  Joining Lakewood Hills was Jacobson's Department Store, the Ramona Medical Arts Building, and others.

Because the apartment design was considered excessively large at the time, Lakewood Hills was a novel approach that several people viewed as an interesting experiment.  Time proved that the spacious apartment size was not only appreciated but also expected by residents.  In several cases, residents have combined two units to make larger apartments, accommodate caregivers or just create a small home office. 

With completion of the first apartments in late 1966, Lakewood was there to provide refuge for several East Grand Rapids families struck by a devastating tornado on April 21, 1967; a critical role for the young property.

Over the years, Gaslight Village and East Grand Rapids changed and grew; Jacobson's left, new community buildings were built, Blodgett Hospital expanded, apartment complexes turned into condominiums, and the community adapted.  Meanwhile, Lakewood Hills apartments continued as a part of the East Grand Rapids community.  Lakewood has become a great spot for many area residents to downsize into when they sell their house to other, expanding families.

On December 28, 2004, the complex suffered a fire that damaged or destroyed 6 apartments.  Thanks to the quick response by the East Grand Rapids Public Safety department, there were no injuries.  The 6 units were rebuilt with slightly different features than the rest of the units, adding just a little more interest and variation to this special property.

The property has full-time staff and on site management.  Additionally, the Lakewood team can draw additional resources from other Lambrecht-owned properties in the Grand Rapids area, include Burton Ridge and Eastgate Village.  These communities also reflect the Lambrecht's dedication to providing quality housing options through stable ownership and management.  This philosophy encourages long-term residency, with people calling Lakewood "home" for as long as 20-30 years. 

One interesting fact:  our longest resident ever (at another property) remained for over 45 years - she was one of the first residents in that community.

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After completion - 1967.